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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  February 27, 2012 7:00am-9:00am EST

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good morning. it is monday, february 27, 2012. welcome to studio 57 at the cbs broadcast center. i'm charlie rose. "the artist," including best picture, we'll hear from the big winners and with 24 hours to go until the michigan primary, we'll tell you what makes rick santorum throw up. another quote mitt romney may want to take back. i'm gayle king. speaking of "the artist" rg the man behind that film is back on top of hollywood again. we'll talk with movie mogul, harvey weinstein. another scary incident for
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cruise ship passengers. another round of violence erupts in afghanistan. they pressure syria to stop shelling its own people. talking with secretary of state hillary clinton. first, we begin with a look at today's eye-opener. your world in 90 seconds. the oscar goes to "the artist." >> jean dujardin. >> a silent film makes the loudest noise. >> merci beaucoup, i love you. >> on hollywood's biggest night. >> we bow to our fellow nominees. >> we wrap up. i'm wrapping up. i'm sorry. i'm freaking out. >> why her again? >> people ask me when will the economy turn around. oh, how about about 11 or 12:00 at night when they declare me the winner in november. >> now it's tied or i'm slightly ahead. i'm planning on winning here in michigan and also in arizona.
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>> republican hopefuls make their closing arguments in michigan. >> when the men and women who serve under you are killed, you don't apologize. >> i'm sure many are looking to newt gingrich for foreign policy advice. if there's a problem on the lunar colony, he'll be the first we call. >> this is not the time to decide we're done here. >> at least nine people have been killed in a car bombing outside jalalabad airport. >> u.s. troops were hurt when a grenade was thrown at a military base. >> a plot to assassinate vladimir putin. all that. >> three on one. >> and all that matters. >> and then we're going to go kill hitler. [ laughter ] >> on "cbs this morning."
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>> if somebody ask you what you're wearing -- >> if somebody ask you what you're wearing -- >> have fun this evening. captioning funded by cbs ah, the academy awards. welcome to "cbs this morning." everything old was new again last night. >> the big winner, "the artist," winning best picture. lee cowan is in beverly hills this morning. lee, good morning. >> good morning, erica. you might have to forgive the academy a bit for being nostalgic last night. some would say overly nostalgic. somehow it was fitting. as you said, it was that silent movie, "the artist," that stole the academy's heart. >> right from the start, sunday's academy awards looked to be from another era. even the stage looked like a movie theater of old. >> billy crystal's vintage jokes
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fit in. >> we have acrobats, we're a pony away from being a bar mitzvah. >> the past seemed fitting given that a silent movie is what charmed the academy. >> "the artist." >> the french film the "the artist" took home five oscars in all, including best picture, best actor. jean dujardin. >> he. >> i have done battle every single day of my life. >> the best actress oscar also went for a throw-back role. that of british prime minister, margaret thatcher, channeled by meryl streep. she the most nominated actress of all-time. until last night hadn't won on oscar since sophie's choice in 1982. >> when they called my name, i had this feeling i could hear half of america going oh, no. whatever. >> period films about paris were
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big winners too. "hugo" set in the 1930s tied "the artist" with five oscars. woody allen's midnight in paris won best original screen play. it even stretched to the watch party like the roosevelt hotel, where the oscars began in 1929. >> the first oscars lasted only 15 minutes. they didn't even have an award for best supporting actor or actress back then. this year the supporting awards went to two very strong performances in two very different films. >> i'm wrapping up. i'm sorry. i'm freaking out. thank you world. >> it was a role of a feisty 1960s mississippi maid in the help that got octavia spencer her best supporting actress nod. a man in his 70s comes out as gay in "beginners" earned christopher plummer some long awaited recognition. >> only two years older than me darling. where have you been all my life [ laughter ] >> at 82, he's the oldest actor it ever win an oscar on a night
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as much about the past as the present. >> there weren't any big blockbusters to celebrate. there were no big surprises or upsets at last night's awards. still, guys, when it comes to glitz and glamour, the oscars remains the granddaddy of all awards shows. >> we'll talk to harvey weinstein and get his reaction once again. tomorrow's michigan primary is the key moment in the republican presidential race. it's too close to call, which is not good news for mitt romney. neither with is the poll with rick santorum with a two-point lead over romney. chip reid is in detroit. chip, good morning. >> good morning, erica and charlie. you know, this state is absolutely crucial for mitt romney. he was born and raised here. in many ways this is his home state. now he's on the defensive and it's rick santorum who is on the
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attack. >> for him to go out and say, i am somehow the liberal in this race is a joke. >> with the michigan primary in a virtual dead heat, rick santorum is throwing everything he can at mitt romney. >> i don't hide. i don't hide from the public. i don't have structured events where only my friends are in front of me to take questions. [ applause ] unlike, governor romney, who can go after president obama on a healthcare bill because it's his healthcare bill. he said he was going to be better on gay rights than ted kennedy. >> that appeal to conservatives continued sunday as santorum knocked john f. kennedy's 1960s speech to baptist ministers where he highlighted the separation of church and state. >> to say people of faith have no role in the public square, you bet that makes you throw up. >> romney's strategy is to paint santorum as an insider.
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>> i don't think you can change washington if you've been part of the culture of washington. >> he's lowering expectations. while unlikely a loss in michigan could mean there will be no clear front-runner going into the august convention. >> i'm not going to deny that that possibility exists. we could have a contested convention. >> late sunday, santorum said if he gets the gop nomination, it will be good for the economy. >> people ask me when will the economy turn around? oh, how about about 11:o 0 or 12:00 at night when they declare me the wiper in november. >> mitt romney took a break from campaigning in michigan for a trip to the daytona 500. it's part of his effort to show that he's in touch with ordinary people. when he was asked whether he follows nascar, here's what he said. not as closely as some. but i have some great friends who are nascar team owners. another quote that he just might want to take back. charlie and erica? >> chip, thanks. mississippi governor haley
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barbour is with us now. he's a past chairman of republican committee. >> thank you. >> there's a poll suggesting that while the republicans are fighting each other, the president's poll numbers are going up both on job approval as well as right track. what's going on? >> first of all, the economy is being ballyhooed by the administration and a lot of people in the media as if there's a great surge in the economy. fortunately, there is a little improvement in the economy, but it's anemic. this is not a real recovery. you can still tell it on main street. the other thing is when four republican candidates are contesting each other in a hard fought race, the attention is taken away from obamas policies and the results of them which are poor. any time we're not talking about the results of the policies, we're not talking about the best thing for the republicans in the
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recollection. >> what happens if rick santorum wins the nomination. does that go all the way to the convention? >> i'm not sure if you could say that. it could be bad for romney. this is his home state. he won it last time. it would be a real setback. if he were to lose in michigan and then santorum, gingrich or both have a big day on super tuesday, then you could see an election that goes all the way to the convention. that's up to the republican voters, charlie. i can't predict what's going to happen or not. but the fact that there is an outside possibility, and i think that's the most that there is, an outside possibility is unusual in american politics. usually the primary voters come to a conclusion. and thus far, they haven't. but i would remind you, charlie, since you and i have been around a long time. >> thanks governor. >> historically, these nomination contests don't start until february. i can remember when the new hampshire primary was way up in
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february. it's still mighty early in the game. >> what do you think of the rise of sort of social conservative issues and rick santorum's suggesting that he wanted to throw up when he heard president kennedy's speech to the baptists in texas? well, when the president rips the constitution to shreds in terms of the rights of the catholic church, religious constitutional rights by forcing on them not contraception but abortion pills -- >> i'm talking about -- governor, he was talking about president kennedy, not president obama. >> i was taking your question to be when the campaign turns to these issues, people are not going to ignore what the administration did. as far as the speech on president kennedy, candidly, i didn't know it happened until i saw the little clip just a minute ago. we believe in separation of church and state. but we don't believe in freedom
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from religion. we believe in freedom of religion. we don't believe if you're a christian you can't be involved in politic. that was the soviet -- remember the civil rights movement was led by catholic priests, by jewish rabbis, by protestant clergymen. i assume, i didn't hear it, but i assume that's all that rick santorum was saying. >> one last question before we go to erica here. this notion of-elect blt. it says that voters still want to vote for the republican, send the republican nomination to the person most likely and polls continue to show that's mitt romney. why haven't you endorsed mitt romney in. >> i didn't endorse anybody in 2008 and i'm not going to endorse anybody this time. i will say this is my 12th presidential campaign. i have heard much, much more often than ever before that issue. who has the best chance to beat
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obama? i want to be for the one who has the best chance to beat obama. >> who do you think that is? >> the republican primary voters are going to decide that. but i will tell you this, whoever we nominate, barack obama is the great uniter of republicans. >> thank you, governor. >> thank you, charlie. >> in afghanistan, there is new violence this morning tied to the burning of holy poox at a nato base. taliban is claiming responsibility. mandy clark is in the capital of kabul. she joins us this morning. mandy, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. nine people are dead when a car bomb exploded outside an airport. this is just the latest attack in a week of violence that erupted after american soldiers mistakenly burned copies of the quran last monday. the suicide car bomber detonated outside the gates of jalalabad airport, which is also a u.s. military base. the explosion was timed as american forces were changing
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from night to morning guard duty. 25 people were injured, including four u.s. troops. the taliban claimed responsibility saying it was in retaliation to the quran burning. the fury over the incident has seen days of protests and targeted attacks on americans. yesterday, demonstrators threw a hand grenade into a crowd injuring seven american special forces. on saturday, an afghan policeman murdered two american officers inside the ministry of interior. father of two, colonel john loftus, was a decorated airman and worked as the chief plans adviser for the ministry. he died alongside a u.s. major. the hunt for the suspected gunman is still ongoing. 25-year-old abdul saboor's home has been raided and family detained. now all foreign advisers have been pulled off their posts. secretary of state hillary clinton has appealed for calm. >> we deeply regret the incident
7:15 am
that has led to these protests. we are condemning it in the strongest possible terms. but we also believe that the violence must stop and the hard work of trying to build a more peaceful prosperous secure afghanistan must continue. >> the big question is where does this leave the american mission. a key part of the u.s. strategy here is training up security forces and government ministries so the country can stand on its own. but when americans can't even trust the very people they're training up, it puts the whole mission in jeopardy. >> mandy, thank you. in syria, meantime, government troops are bombarding the beleaguered city of homs again this morning. the attacks continued throughout the weekend. they've gone on for weeks now. after officials from the u.s. adds other countries met in tunisia demanding a cease-fire. wyatt andrews talked with
7:16 am
secretary hillary clinton about the violence and how to stop it. >> secretary of state hillary clinton says she sympathizes with the civilians under attack in cities like homs. >> i am deeply, deeply distressed for the people who are trapped under this artillery bombardment. >> the obama administration has resisted requests by arab countries and by senators like john mccain to begin the full scale arment of the dissidents. >> on the ground, what is the fear of arming them? >> what are we arming them with and who? >> another administration concern is that weapons might go to al qaeda. >> zawahiri is supporting the opposition in syria. are we supporting al qaeda in syria? hamas is supporting the opposition are we supporting hamas? >> if you're a military planner or secretary of state and trying to figure out, do you have the elements of an opposition that is actually viable, we don't see that.
7:17 am
we see immense human suffering that is heartbreaking. >> on friday, secretary clinton attended the friends of syria conference where world leaders once again demanded that assad step aside. the secretary harshly described the russian and chinese governments for vetoing a resolution that would have condemn the syrian leader. >> whose side are they on. russia, china and a iran are determined to keep assad because he does their bidding, he sells them oil, buys their arms. ah, this is as clear a contrast between the values that the world now is embracing and the past. >> last week the administration ramped up the rhetorical pressure on assad threatening "additional measures" if he doesn't stop the violence. but he hasn't. as every day of the assad slaughter goes on, it's the administration that will face pressure to do more. for "cbs this morning," i'm
7:18 am
wyatt andrews in rabat, morocco. russian officials say they have broken up a plot to assassinate slad miles an hour put in. >> the suspects were planning to kill putin after next week's election which is putin is expected to win. the plotters work for a group that wants to create an islamic state inside russia. time to show you some of the headlines from around the globe. there's surprise medical news in the boston globe. they've discovered a type of stem cell in women's ovaries that could be used to produce human eggs. if that happens, it could give women more years to have babies. a story about nighttime hunting which is usually illegal. they are allowing hunters to target animals at night if they're considered pets or dangerous. coyotes and wild pigs. nascar fans have to wait a day for the daytona 500. the sentinel reports that the big race was postponed because
7:19 am
of rain today for the first time good morning. we have sunshine in the area, but i got to be honest, it is chilly. temperatures seasonal, but 29 by any definition is chilly. with that sunshine we go up to a high of 61 degrees today. it is a nice afternoon. of course, we have shut that wind mechanism down that gave us this national weather report sponsored by citibank. what's your story? citi can help you right it. write it.
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just ahead on "cbs this morning," we take you back to hollywood. mo rocca has more. carnival cruise passengers, two dozen were robbed at gunpoint during a day trip in mexico. we'll talk with travel editor peter greenberg about the risk. we'll show you were a robot deserves an honorary oscar. it's one of the newest pieces of equipment in our arsenal. it's one of the few if not the only in the nation. >> john miller has an inside look at security at the cacadem awards. you're watching "cbs this morning."
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it's going to be an opportunity to bring my dear friend and doubles tennis partner, kim jong-il. the interesting thing is actually -- sorry. you've got kim jong-il. wait a minute, we need to clean this up. >> ryan seacrest, may have wanted more security on the red carpet. but there were hundreds of officers keeping an eye on all thing. this morning, john miller looks at ha it takes to keep everyone
7:26 am
safe. >> he'll show us ant at the roar weapons that no one has seen before. some of them like like they jumped out of the sci-fi films. you're watchin it is 26 minutes past 6:00. sharon is watching the roads marty is over at first warning weather. >> let's take a look at the forecast today. a nice afternoon, with sunshine a high temperature of 61 degrees. it is about 30 now. here is sharon gibala wjz tv traffic control, good morning. >> good morning. we picked up accidents. first of all on the harrisburg expressway watch for an accident in the southbound direction just approaching warren road. we have a delay there. also watch for an accident in allicott city. watch for delays on 95
7:27 am
southbound slow from white marsh boulevard down to the usual spot down at 895. if you are headed on the beltway delays on the top and the west side, the west side is the slow of the. there is that delay on 83 again running from warren road to timonium road. this is brought to you by home paramount pest control. don, back over to you. >> a local man serving in the army national guard is killed in afghanistan. wjz and monique griego are live with his story. >> reporter: good morning, everyone. family members don't know a lot bought what happened and right now are focused owned remembering the man they called their hero. 48-year-old major robert marchanti was an army national guardsman serving in afghanistan. recently outrage over the burning of koran led to violent demonstrations there. saturday two soldiers were shot inside what was supposed to be one of the most secure areas of
7:28 am
a government ministry building. family members say marchanti was killed and the military has yet to confirm his death. >> a break in leads to gunfire, a man was shot after he walked in a burglar. the surprised burglar took off running but police soon caught up with him. the homeowner has been released from the hospital and should recover. this morning two prince george county's volunteer firefighters are in critical condition. on friday they were hurt when a sudden blast of wind from outside a home in riverdale created a fireball inside. 7 firefighters were hurt. oteal is o'toole is scheduled to undergo a skin graft and the other tests for damage to his airway. the state school board is seeking an exemption from the no child left behind. they should cut their gaps in
7:29 am
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back on the tee. >> last week we showed you how phil mickelson put a ball into somebody shorts. sunday one landed in a woman's shirt. >> the caddie asked if he could walk 250 yards toward the green. she politely declined. welcome back to "cbs this morning." this was not in the brochure. police in mexico are now looking for bandits who robbed 22 carnival cruise passengers as they were taking a day trip. no one was hurt. but as john blackstone reports, it's yet another black eye for the cruise industry.
7:31 am
>> when the carnival splendor docked at long beach, passengers got off with a memorable if unpleasant vacation story. an encounter with a mass gunman. >> he said in spanish he wanted everything we had. one fellow pulled his money out of his wallet and he said no. i want everything backpacks and all. >> whatever they had on them, cash, whatever was in their backpacks. >> judy left the ship to hike a nature trail. >> he had his gun brandished up here and then he brought it down and pulled up his shirt to show the knife. >> when the gunman wasn't looking, the picture was snapped. >> i was scared. we're minding our business, enjoying the day. >> in a statement, a cruise line said carnival sincerely apologizes to its guests for had very unfortunate and disturbing event. carnival also owns costa cruise lines and is still recovering from the sinking of the costa
7:32 am
concordia off the coast of italy which killed 32 passengers. more than 22 million tourists head to mexico every year. >> mexico has an image problem too. it's recently been combatting worries about visitor safety with a series of commercials featuring enthusiastic returning tourists. >> then i thought, you know, try to be calm, try to be cool. >> but there's a much different message coming from one tourist's unusual vacation photo. for "cbs this morning," john blackstone in san francisco. with us now, cbs news travel editor peter greenberg. peter, good morning. >> good morning, charlie. >> what do you make of this? >> you know what, it is an isolated incident but it differs. when you look at most port cities, whether venice or new orleans, fort lauderdale, when you have thousands of passengers going in and out. you always have an incident of street crime, purse snatching. this is a more organized --
7:33 am
well, it was a planned event. >> there was no security with them on this hike. should that be something that is revisited and do you think it will be? >> oh, it definitely will be. an issue like this, the liability goes to the cruise line simply because, while they sell the excursions to the passengers, then they subcontract out to tour -- it rests with the local cruise line. i would be surprised if there wasn't one in each excursion, not just mexico, but italy and everywhere else. >> what does this mean for them and what can they do in mexico? >> believe it or not, they're expecting 52 million tourists this year. that number has not gone down. it's gone up. the only place it's gone down is -- keep in mind, if you look at the incidents, the number of incidents that are happening, the overwhelming statistics, the numbers are in passengers' favor.
7:34 am
not a problem for most americans going to mexico. >> you would think the cruise lines would want to come together and figure out how to improve their public image. >> listen, they're probably in that meeting as we're speaking. bottom line, they are. they have to figure out a way around this. simply because it's a powerful image when someone takes a photograph of a gunman on a bus and they have to deal with that. once again, you have to put it in perspective about the number of incidents against the number of passengers who go. >> in terms of perspective, for someone who may have a cruise coming up in the near future, if they're thinking of taking a day excursion, do they need to be concerned about it. what should they ask the cruise operator? >> what kind of security you're providing on the bus, where are we going. the cruise lines will get ahead of the story. i guarantee you. it's too damaging for them not to. i would be surprised if they don't start putting them on the excursion buses >> we hope you make your flight, peter. >> i'm going right now. >> >> peter is off to an 8:00
7:35 am
flight. it takes a lot to keep the oscars safe. even robot. we'll show you some of the high tech security that no one has seen before. lucky you. stay with us. you're watching "cbs this morning."
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please wake up. all ready for you to come home. [ laughter ] where you belong. [ laughter ] >> george, let's -- >> say i'm batman. you'll help me. >> it's okay. you have to do it, billy. the academy has you the youngest, hippest brigwriters i town. >> charlie wanted to tell me all
7:40 am
the viewers at home he wants to buy them all a free car. i thought i would tell that. enjoy that, charlie. >> does that offer apply for co-anchorsment. >> he must think i am -- if i could do it, i would. you gayle, anybody. when billy crystal took the stage last night, the oscars went off without a hitch under incredible security. hundreds of officers from the lapd, the fbi and the department of homeland security all working together. senior correspondent john miller has an inside look at never before seen tools they were using. >> while most eyes are fixed on the red carpet trying to recognize someone famous, police are fixed on the crowd looking for someone bent on infamy. it may be someone with a gun or a terrorist with a chemical weapon. the security operation begins weeks before the event with a detailed intelligence assessment more than a thousand background checks are done on every employee from host billy crystal to the guy who vacuumed the red
7:41 am
carpet. it's all controlled from a huge command post stashed away on a hollywood sound stage. lapd commander matt blake. >> this is where all the big decisions are made. we have people that are out in the field and we communicate with them. we get them all of the resources that they need to handle any problem that they have. >> in the field, near the kodak theater, some of the most sophisticated tools many of them never seen by the media or the public are waiting in the wings. yes, we are in hollywood. but this is not e.t. this is the lapd's haz-mat robot, which in the event of a chemical, radiological or biological attack can go into a contaminated area, identify the specific deadly agent present and send the data back wirelessly. inside and outside the kodak theater, sensors send back radiation reports live and plainclothes officers wearing these backpacks patrol the
7:42 am
crowds. >> you have people in plainclothes moving amongst the crowd at all times and looking for something covertly. >> the fbi is also on scene deploying a high tech haz-mat csi team. special agent eric armstrong. >> our job is really to go in and collect the evidence so that we can prosecute whoever it is that did it. >> this is the bat cat. it can literally pick up a car bomb and move it away from crowds. >> it's one of the newest pieces of equipment in our arsenal. it's one of the few, if not the only one in the nation. >> at checkpoints, mirrors scan the under carriages of limos. snipers are posted on rooftops and lapd's specialized vapor bomb detection canines are on the move. >> specialty is smelling suicide bombers. can pick them up from 50 feet away. >> it is a night of high fashion and dplam glamour. while security isn't always pretty, it's there behind the
7:43 am
scenes and ready. so the only bombs in hollywood are just the really bad movies. >> are you going bald? >> ooh, ouch. >> with us here is mr. miller. >> what is -- when you look at this, because you did used to run this. give us an idea. how serious a threat is something like a terrorist attack? is an awards show something that would be targeted, any intelligence there? >> well, it's one of the most watched events on the planet. so you take the oscars and the super bowl and you put them side by side and say for somebody who is looking to get their message out through violence in a global way, they're targets. you make that too hard by making it unattractive. >> what's the biggest challenge? >> the biggest challenge is not securing event. the biggest challenge is doing it without killing the event. you've got over -- you've got 600 cops and a few more hundred
7:44 am
support people there and thin you've got -- 500 people not counting the show through a security checkpoint and do it on time. it's a live show. there's no such thing as starting late. so it's a big deal. >> when you were running this, were you always getting threats, people would somehow say even though they were not real? >> i mean, i had the counterterrorism end of it. mike downing who runs counterterrorism had the overarching event and they have a great deem team doing a better job. they've got more stuff and more plans. you'd get everything from the crack pots saying i'm going to shoot somebody to terrorist threats from intelligence sources from al qaeda. it was the -- the lead-up was scarier than the show. here's something that happened that was not a terror threat but something about the history of the oscars. remember when david nif en had somebody run behind him. >> the streaker. >> it's a great fad to have
7:45 am
passed. >> maybe we should leave it at that temperatures right now around 30 degrees, clear skies, at this day start and frankly through the afternoon into the evening. forecast calls for a high of 61 degrees. going to be a nice day. and no wind at all right now. nor expected through the day. clear skies. 35 is your overnight low. tomorrow mostly sunny, a high of 50. last day of february, wednesday, showers, 52. start the first few days of march sunny and mild. doctors say there is a simple way to lower your risk of stroke. in fact, you could be having it for breakfast right now. why citrus fruits are such a healthy option. that's ahead. you're watching "cbs this morning." [ male announcer ] what if you have potatoes? but you've got a meat and potatoes guy? pour chunky sirloin burger soup
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7:50 am
first we want to get you caught up on "healthwatch" with dr. holly phillips. >> good morning. today in "healthwatch," citrus fruit and stroke. new research finds your stroke risk may be lowered dramatically by a nutrient found in citrus fruit. the study found that those who who consumed the highest amount from citrus fruit had a 19% lower risk of the most common form of stroke. in the study, flaf knowns came from oranges and grapefruits and from tring drinking them in juice. researchers pointed out that most people should increase citrus fruit through whole fruit rather than juice due to the high content in juices. the flavonoids may improve the function of blood vessels and lowering inflammations. the knew rents are found in dark chocolate and red wine. but there's something special in
7:51 am
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i know you're asking if oprah is here tonight on the show. who is answer our prayers? well, don't worry. her friend gayle is filling in. >> gayle king is in the control room to look at what's coming up in the next hour. i hope she's answering our prayers. i have prayers for you. >> that's a nice shoutout. thank you, jimmy kimmel. if you slept through the oscars bs don't worry. nancy o'dell will be live from e.t. studios in a very hot, hot dress. i got a questions about that. mo rocca brings us into the winner's circle. it's gorgeous. octavia and meryl may have been the big winners, but harvey weinstein won huge. he joins us to celebrate his oscar gold. jennifer aniston says she's happier than she's ever been. be careful what you post on your
7:56 am
facebook page. we have the story of how facebook almost led to jail time for one man. think he was saying not so nice things about his ex-wife. never good. you're watching "cbs this morning." your local news is coming up next. now four minutes before 8:00. a boat makes its way up the harbor throwing quite the wake as well. sharon is watching roads, mart is over at marty is every at first warning weather. >> going for a high of three -- going for a high of 61, about 30 right now. here is sharon gibala at wjz traffic control, good morning. >> it has gotten busy, we have picked up a lot of accidents. one of them there and another accident in that location and
7:57 am
reisterstown and green spring at ridge and plenty of delays as well, there is yeah 83 at warren road. this is brought to you by home paramount pest control. >> app army national guardsman from here is killed in afghanistan following the burning of old old korans by american troops there. >> reporter: they don't know what happened and are focusing on remembering the man they call their hero. robert marchanti was serving in afghanistan. saturday two soldiers were shot inside what was supposed to be one of the most secure areas of a government ministry building. family members say he was killed but the military has yet
7:58 am
to confirm that. >> a program here to give people with disabilities rides is coming under fire. saying rides are given to saying rides are given to people who don't need or ,, you know what's exciting, graduation. when i look up into my student's faces, i see pride. you know, i have done something worthwhile. when i earned my doctorate through university of phoenix, that pride, that was on my face. i am jocelyn taylor, i am committed to making a difference in peoples lives and i am a phoenix.
7:59 am
8:00 am
remember on your old show when you gave away your favorite things. >> they were your favorite things. >> yeah. >> you don't have them anymore because you gave them away. on this show, you take them back. [ laughter ] >> i get a car. i get a car! [ applause ] i thought that was hilarious. it's 8:00 welcome back to "cbs
8:01 am
this morning." i'm gayle king. charlie, we should say you're charlie rose. >> charlie rose. i was going to say that. >> she was reluctant to do it because she says what message does that send stealing a car. she loved working with jimmy kimmel and the team. i'm so glad she did it. >> if you're missing your pontiac this morning, we know where they are. call jimmy kimmel. >> and oprah. >> you love pop culture. >> i do. >> you love the oscars? >> to me it never gets old. i love when people pay tribute to their own. i liked meryl streep's speech. it showed how much she did want to win. everybody said it was going to be viola. i thought so too. when she won, you could see she was so happy. viola was happy for her. i love it. i love it. >> what's amazing to me is all things french. all the movies about france. it's really a remarkable time. we'll take a look at the best and the worst from last night's oscars. nancy o'dell is back at the e.t.
8:02 am
studios. nancy, good morning. >> good morning, charlie. good morning, gayle. >> wait, nancy. before you say a word, you know you can't sit here in that dress and nobody say -- we had to hose down the people, the men in the crew today, nancy o'dell. whose dress is that and were you up all night or did you just put that on for us? i must know. >> i literally just got back from the governor's ball which is after the oscars. two or three hours ago. i've had no sleep. >> she looks va va and voom. >> i hope i don't have any wardrobe malfunctions for you. >> all right, nancy o'dell. >> how was it? >> oh, it was so great. it was so nice to see octavia spencer. i love her. she's one of my favorites. she was such a great winner. i talked to her on the red carpet and told her, everybody pretty much knows you're a lock for the oscars. i love taylor's response. we know she's a lock for being
8:03 am
america's sweetheart. commercial break after commercial break, she had george clooney coming up to her, wanting to give her a kiss, sandra bullock. melissa mccarthy, the one who led the standing ovation for her. i think she was oscars sweetheart. >> i saw george clooney kissing billy crystal. i was thinking, i wish i was laying in that bed. nancy, you talked to billy crystal last night at the ball. what did he think about the perform an? >> i practically fell in his lap. i want you to know, as i sat at your table. i'm a country girl who can't walk in high heels because i fell into his lap. sat down at his table, talked to him a little bit. he seemed happy and calm. i was watching him during commercial breaks and he was relaxed. he said the great thing is he feels comfortable in front of a live audience. it just -- it feels natural to him. i think he really enjoyed it. i talked to steven spielberg, he
8:04 am
said he would love to see him come back ten more times. salma hayek thought it was the same stuff over and again. he's getting mostly positive reviews. he seemed to enjoy it. he didn't want to talk about whether he would do again. >> other than you, who got the best dress? >> there was a lot of talk about the wardrobe. i got to tell you. you'll see all the fashion on e.t. tonight. there's a lot to talk about. oh, my goodness, as far as angelina jolie and that stance that everybody is talking approximate and now her right leg has its own twitter account. last time i checked, her twitter account has 10,000 hits. she comes out to the stage and the oscars and i don't know if you could tell on the stage but she pronouncely put the right leg out so forward and i hope you got to see this in the telecast. the only thing i could think of she didn't need to stick it out to be sexy. she walks into the room and exudes sexiness. >> then there's j-lo with the
8:05 am
plunging neckline like mine. she supposedly had a wardrobe malfunction. everybody was talking about that. i saw her up close and personal. i will tell you, i think it was petals. gayle, i'm sure you're familiar with what petals are? to hide things. petals. you know what they are? >> i'm familiar with petal. i never get a chance to wear them. but i'm familiar. i think i would lose my job. >> i have no idea what they're talking about. >> it's something that works. >> i'm going to send my dress for gayle to where tomorrow on the show. >> you know what, i won't have no job. i'll be calling. if i showed at "cbs this morning" wearing that. >> chris, is that true or not true? if i showed up in that dress? let's talk about meryl streep for a second. charlie and i were speaking before we went to you, nancy. i love that she was so happy when she won. there was so much talk about viola davis winning. some thought she was a lock. what was it like in the room when the announcement said and the oscar goes to meryl streep? >> i got to tell you, the crowd
8:06 am
inside the room went absolutely crazy. i felt like i was at a football game. there was so much hooting and hollering and people standing up. she and octavia were the two who got the standing ovations and meryl's was loud. cheers, people yelling if their seats. i think it was unexpected. people don't realize because she's been nominated so many times. this is only her third oscar. despite being nominated 70 times. she lost 12 times in a row. there were a lot of people so excited to see heroin. as you said, i think that one of the people who were most surprised were her. take a listen at part of her speech. >> when they called my name, i had this feeling i could hear half of america going oh, no. oh, come on. why her? again? you know. but whatever. [ laughter ] >> you've got to love her,
8:07 am
right? >> everybody does. thank you, nancy. thank you. you look great. >> thank you, guys. it's so good to talk to you always. >> when we come -- we'll have a complete wrap n up of the oscars tonight. entertainment tonight will. nanny will. i bet she changes clothes by then. harvey weinstein called it the biggest gamble of his career. his films have been nominated more than 200 oscars over the year. we're happy to have him with us. congratulations, sir. >> yes. >> thank you. charlie. thanks, gayle. >> great to be here. >> harvey, you don't seem so excited. are you just tired? >> gayle, i've been dancing on tables for the last four hours. i just -- >> okay. >> why was this the biggest gamble of your career? >> well, i think that here's a movie, black and white, silent film. when i first told everybody
8:08 am
after we had won for king's speech. who the hell -- who in 2012 would think that a movie like that could work? certainly you know it wasn't the common wisdom. here it is it's reached the pinnacle of american success and won five oscars. >> what did you see, harvey, that others did not? your team thought, okay, harvey, not so much. what did you see that everybody else really didn't? >> i saw that the movie made people joyful. it also made people throw out their telephones. the movie's anti-technology in a big way. the movie is just saying let's communicate. it's not a message movie. but it's got a message in it. it's singing, it's dancing, it's fun. you walk out of the theater en chantsed. it's really an experience. almost like seeing a broadway show for movie ticket prices. >> you mentioned that you won last year for the king's speech. there was a time when people said, harvey, harvey has lost
8:09 am
his mojo. did you ever doubt that you would be back on top like this? >> i think that anybody -- we've had great success in miramax and then there were years afterwards where we didn't. of course, you doubt it. and it just feels so good, charlie and gayle, to be able to do it again and also to make hopefully a contribution to the idea that anybody who is watching this show now or anybody who watch the oscars who has a dream to say i'm going to make a certain kind of movie and it's against all odds that you can win it. that's the great thing about our country. this was a million to one shot. maybe a two million to one shot and that shot came in. the academy spoke loudly. >> what's so good about it is that when all the action adventure things and all the things that appeal to teenagers to see a film like this capture the imagine nation, not only the cad academy but country. people want to see hollywood make good films.
8:10 am
do you think this is an inspiration for people to go out there and follow their dream? >> 100%. that's -- i think that's the foundation of our country. you know, we came over, i mean, from england and places all over the world and immigrants built this country because they had a dream. i think in some ways "the artist" celebrates that. it enforces that notion and celebrates it at the same time. it was a great night, guys. i thought billy crystal was great. i thought brian grazer restored such elegance. if you're in the room, it was really elegant. really beautiful. the choirs, the cirque du soleil. i think brian deserves a great round for doing that. and billy came back when the academy needed him the most. a very heroic quest on both their part. >> you know what's great. >> totally agree, harvey. >> what's also great for meryl to win, but in the sense when meryl is in the same place and
8:11 am
competition with someone as stunning and great as viola davis, it says something about the quality of talent in our country. >> i think that meryl streep had viola davis won, she would have been the first on their feet. those guys are really close friends. i mean, i think that there's the love in the room was between meryl and viola. they both taking turns this year winning, losing, winning, losing. there's such genuine affection. meryl is the first one, i mean, to just embrace viola. >> i also thought it was so interesting because as much as hollywood loves george clooney, that in the end had it came between george clooney and the actor, jean dujardin, i love saying his name, from "the artist." they went with jean dujardin. it says we love this movie too. i thought that was a tribute to you also harvey and to how you're able to make people see things that maybe they would not see. i really do mean that. >> i appreciate that. i have to tell you that when
8:12 am
this -- george clooney is probably the best -- one of the best actors we have and certainly i think the best person we have to represent our industry. >> yes. >> every time there's a crisis, you know, he's there, be it haiti, be it 9/11. there is nobody more socially conscientious than george. i mean, i'm sure if they -- maybe jean won by two votes. i have to think that was one of the more closer -- closest things. george clooney is a life force for this industry. he's the class of the field. >> i know one thing, if i was an actor and i had a movie, i would want you on my side. i'm telling you. >> charlie, thank you, that's nice. >> if you're thinking about making a movie, charlie, let me know. >> i second that emotion. thank you, harvey. again, congratulations, harvey. you got to feel great today.
8:13 am
>> thank you, gayle. i'll see you later. >> i do feel great. thank you. >> thank you for staying up with us. good morning, we have got blue skies, no wind, just a fine but seasonably chilly day start. a gorgeous afternoon with temperatures way above norm at, which is now 49. going for a high of 61, 35 clear skies tonight, the normal now is 29. tomorrow a sunny day with a high of 50. the last day of the month will be rain taylor swift tells the fans, sorry, i can't go to your prom but she has another option. it's a doozy. you're watching "cbs this morning." . economically, it seems like a good choice now. we need environmental protection. we've got more than 100 years worth of energy, right here.
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the lighter roast perfected.
8:17 am
as we looked around the web this morning, we found a few reasons to make a long story short. the new york daily news has the story of passengers panicking on a southwest airlines flight when they didn't understand the pilot he got on the intercom to send birthday wishes to a mom on board. some of the passengers thought he said bomb on board. yikes. >> taylor swift is the latest celebrity to be asked to the prom by a fan.
8:18 am
on her facebook page she tells the boy from new jersey, i'm so sorry, i can't make it to your prom. but i was wondering, the academy of country music awards is coming up. would you be my date? kevin is being treated for leukemia and hopes he's well enough to go. >> that's taylor swift playing in the background. i like it. huffington says a judge ordered a man to apologize for attacking his estranged wife on his personal page. mark byron must post an apology every day for a month or he's going to jail. the order is an attack on free speech he says. adam sandler set a record for the razzies. they celebrate the worst movies of the year. over the weekend, he sandler got 11 nominations for three movies. that's more than twice as many as one person has ever received in a single year. what an honor. >> britain's telegraph newspaper is a story about women in red. the new research says that women
8:19 am
send a powerful message to men when they wear red. it says they are more sexually attractive. >> about a year and a half ago, there was a similar story about men wearing red. it said women found they had more status -- status and romance. red it is. >> red is a good color. >> we're getting up close and personal with the big winners from last night. >> i would like to take a drink. >> sure. you're french. >> i'm french. i'm sorry. >> mo rocca hobnobbing with the stars. >> he's going to be with us. you're watching "cbs this morning." this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by stanley steemer. beyond carpet cleaning. [ chuckles ] yes. yes, it does. ♪ call 1-800-steemer
8:20 am
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from p.f. chang's home menu.
8:22 am
jennifer aniston says this is the best time of her life. that's a good way to feel. we'll talk about everything from her new beau to her latests
8:23 am
movie. even a little about friends. >> turns out she still watch the reruns along with a few of us. you're watching "cbs this morning." stay with us. your local news is next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
8:24 am
8:25 am
now 25 past 7:00. lots of sun in the harbor. >> you will encounter sun glare coming up. 51 is the high, mostly sunny skies, here is sharon with traffic control. >> in addition to sun glare plenty to get in your way, we still have that plenty on 295 southbound at the beltway and accidents in reisterstown. another accident on rolling road. an accident in parkville.
8:26 am
one in edgewater. 95 southbound still slow from white marsh boulevard down to 895. also welcoming at delays on the harrisburg expressway and the jfx. typical delays on the beltway. there is 95 south of white marsh. this traffic report is brought to you by the cochrane firm. don, back over to you. >> thank you, in the thus this morning a national guards map from here has been killed in afghanistan following the burning of old copies f koran by american troops last week. monique griego has the story. >> reporter: good morning, everyone. family members don't know what happened and are focusing on remembering the man they call their hero. he was serving there, recently out outrage over the burning of koran led to violence there.
8:27 am
they were shot inside a secure building. family members say marchanti was killed but the military has yet to confirm. >> a vigil was held last night in memory of a 20-year-old hit by an 83-year-old woman driver while biking near campus. his family is fighting against a bill which would renew driver licenses for eight years instead of 5. st. joseph medical center is up for sale after a surgical scandal hits its reputation and its finances. now it could be bought by a system that doesn't follow its religious beliefs. only one of its suiters itors
8:28 am
is catholic. they are saying people don't meet the requirements. they are starting a more ,,,,,,,
8:29 am
8:30 am
wrap up. i'm wrapping up. i'm sorry. i'm freaking out. thank you world. >> only two years older than me, darling. where have you been all my life? >> merci. merci beaucoup, i love you. >> when they called my name, i had this feeling i could hear
8:31 am
half of america going oh, no. oh, come on. why? her again? you know. but whatever. [ laughter ] >> congratulations to meryl streep. you know, there are so many ways to say thank you. m merci beaucoup. >> she's one of the funniest people i know. meryl streep. >> we've heard that about her. >> what were they thinking and saying after they won the oscars? >> mo rocca went to one of the biggest parties in hollywood to get the answers for us. mo, good morning. >> good morning, guys. of course, you know the academy awards is such a slog. it goes on for hours and hours and hours and the stars, of course, get hungry. afterwards they take their stach us and head over to the governor's ball which is the big after party. i was able to ask some questions there. >> meryl streep, the iron lady. >> when you hear your name called, is it like you become a kid again? what's the sensation?
8:32 am
>> yeah it is. it is. it's like the winner in the broad jump is meryl streep. i got the winner in the broad jump by the way. >> were you really sm. >> back in new jersey. >> yeah. >> i have done battle every single day of my life and many men have underestimated me before. this one seems bound to do the same. >> what will you take from this role with you in. >> i admire her stamina, her capacity, her toughness. a lot of things about her leadership style. people could learn from it. >> have you gotten into an argument with her at her prime, how would that turn out? >> hand down, margaret would win. sorry. celebrities are here. i'm sorry. >> merci beaucoup. i love you. >> it's a very long ceremony. do you get hungry during it at
8:33 am
all? >> that's a good question. no, not really hungry. i would like to take a drink. >> sure. of course, you're french. >> yes, i'm french. i'm sorry. i had food during the whole course of the night. i go out actually. i go g. to in and out. check on it. chinese delivers a couple of times. >> i am the happiest director in the world right now. thank you for that. >> you think you'll make a sequel. hollywood is all about sequels. >> i think i'm going to change -- do something with color and with -- >> car crashes. >> why not? >> superheroes and robots. >> not sure. maybe i won't go so far. >> take it slowly. >> i love you, thank you, i'm sorry. >> really excited. that makes everybody at home excited. do i get excited? i don't know. are you asking me a question or telling me. i get excited. i don't know. it's exciting to be recognized. exciting to be in the room with
8:34 am
all those luminaries, people who inspire me every day. i think you have to be pretty jaded not to be excited to be at the academy awards. >> this guy has opened a lot of doors. i'm thrilled. >> it's a lot of fun to watch you win. thanks. >> thank you. i hope i come back. whoo! >> so you know, what i really wanted to know from octavia spencer, when she makes a pie, what does she put in it? what's her secret ingredient. unfortunately, she doesn't bake. so that didn't go anywhere. >> mo, that is such a great question. you were so right when you say, when you see people get excited, you get excited for them. it really -- infectious. >> sure. >> she delivered. >> she definitely did. last week you introduced us to andrew and gigi. i was so pulling for them as i was watching the oscars. did you see he them last night. >> i did. they're the people that spent their nest egg not on an apartment but on an independent film. they got nominated for best live
8:35 am
action short. i did talk to them. they didn't win but they were in good spirits. >> i was going to say -- >> how was the night for you? >> it has been a spectacular night for a bunch of reasons. >> i'm getting emotional. basically, i mean, this has been the most wonderful experience and to now let it all sink in feels really good. >> what you're wearing is absolutely stunning. tell us about that. >> well, to paint the full picture, you have to realize i'm wearing a thrift store dress. but i happen to be wearing about a million dollars in diamonds and the way this happened was jeffrey rockover, you might have heard of him, he's a jeweler to the stars. was hanging out in his hotel room in beverly hills watching your show and said, oh, my gosh, it's the perfect cinderella story. we're going to have you dripping in diamonds. >> she almost passed out she really did.
8:36 am
>> your turn, mo. >> okay. listen, their film cost $25,000. she's wearing a million dollars in jewelry. she was wearing 40 independent movies last night. >> you're right. it really is a perfect cinderella story. sometimes when people say it's an honor to be nominated, it just sounds like yeah, yeah, yeah. i believe for andrew and dgigi t is and was an honor to be nominated. >> i'm excitesed for them to go and make babies. we should follow them the rest of their lives. >> thank you, mo. good to see you. >> good to see you. should america go back into space? it's a controversial topic. ,,,,,,,,,,
8:37 am
8:38 am
the platform is shaking. but what a beautiful flight.
8:39 am
man perhaps on the way to the moon. all continues to go well. >> what an unforgettable moment made more dramatic by walter con kite. that was apollo 8. the first one to go around the moon and back. >> it launched a career of neil degrasse tyson. his latest book is called "space chronicles "requesting. neil, welcome to the program. this is gayle's book. >> it's her copy. >> she's got markers. back to you, my dear. >> i was busy yesterday. have we lost our interest in space? >> yeah. well, we've lost the motivation to make it a priority. i think there's always been background space activities going on. space shuttles have been going for several decades. but my criticism of that was always that we were boldly going where hundreds had gone before. if you want to advance a space frontier, what you want to do is move that frontier out. every time you do that, a whole
8:40 am
new level of interesting curiosity is stimulated and spawned for having done so. >> do we make a difference between man flight or personhood flight and just simply going there to find out everything we can sm. >> so, you can split and say, what do scientists want? as i put on my scientist cap, i would say send robots. they don't even need to eat. give them solar energy and -- but what i found is that no one names high schools after robots. nobody interprets the activities of robots the way we do when it's one of our own in that activity. statues are made of discoverers throughout the history of time. my sense of this is, if you reengage the man program in such a way we're going places beyond earth, you can change the culture of the nation. turn it into one that recognizes that advances in science and
8:41 am
technology are not only interesting but they're actually fundamental to the stability of our economy. >> you almost have to get the public engaged too, neil. as you point out, only 25% of the people are scientifically literate. >> that's a generous fraction to put out there. >> i hear math and science, i used to go, so dull and boring. what you're trying to say, approximate we pay attention, there's so much that we need to learn and need to know. >> not only that -- >> you look around the room, you see science everywhere. >> the cameras, the detectors and that gyroscopically stabilized camera that the guy walks around with. everything is science and technology driven. since the industrial revolution, all nations that have embraced innovations and science of technology have led the world economically. we're in economic doldrums right now. >> while we're not going, other countries are going. >> other countries value investments in science an engineering and recognize what force going into space plays on
8:42 am
the attitudes of spirit of that culture. i can tell you, back in that space era, the golden era of space exploration, everybody was dreaming about tomorrow being tomorrow land. >> what do you think happened? >> because we went to the moon not as app economic driver to stimulate scientific innovations in our economy, no. we went because we were at war with russia and when we found out, concluded that russia was not also going to the moon, we were done. meanwhile, people at the time said we went to the moon by 1969. we'll be on mars in ten years. based on what argument do you think that will happen? because if russia is not going to mars, we're not going to mars. >> you're saying we need to go to the moon. >> we benefit frd the economic stimulation that that gave the entire country as a culture. >> we're up against a hard -- asteroids. >> 2029. >> it's going to buzz cut earth. on april 13th, which happens to
8:43 am
be a friday. point of information. that's an asteroid the size of the rose bowl that could take out the west coast of the united states. i don't want to be the laughing stock of the galaxy being the ohm species extinction. we had a space program and didn't invoke it to save earth. >> i think if you were more enthusiastic, you could get us engaged, neil? >> you think he needs to juice it up? >> kick it up a notch. >> thanks for having me guys. we go from space to one of the brightest stars is jennifer aniston. we talk about her new love for her new movie and a couple of other things. you're watching "cbs this morning." >> thanks for,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
8:44 am
8:45 am
jennifer aniston is at a great place in her life much she's got a new movie, wanderlust in the theaters and
8:46 am
she has a new guy and just turned 43. we recently caught up with her in los angeles and talked to her about how things are going. >> i was up late because i'm on east coast time. i'm flipping through the tv and friends is on. i stopped to look at it just because i knew i would be talking to you today. i wondering, that must happen to you from time to time. you're in a hotel or at home, you're flipping through and you see it. do you stop and watch from time to time? >> absolutely. >> surprise! >> what? my birthday isn't for another month. >> that's the surprise. >> what do you think? >> i get nostalgic and sit back and with pride and i kind of just -- i feel very -- it makes me happy. >> me too. >> it makes me really happy. >> me too. >> i had forgotten complete episodes that we shot. there's times i watch it just as if i'm watching for the first time. even after the tenth season,
8:47 am
there are episodes we forgotten. >> i hear that happens jennifer, when we get older. we forget about things we've done. you just had a birthday. >> is that selective forgetfulness sometimes? >> selective amnesia. >> you just turned 43 recently. >> that doesn't even sound right. >> i know. i wonder about that. how do you feel? >> i feel great. >> how are you? >> what is the age you really do feel? >> forget about how you look. you look great. i feel like i'm about 30s, 30. >> i get that. i feel you. >> i honestly didn't start it feel my best until i was in my 30s. physically, i was -- i started eating better and taking better care of my body in term of being physical and exercise. >> do you have hangups about your age? there are some women who turn 30, 40, 50 and get very depressed and upset. >> no. >> do you have any of those hangups? >> no. i actually don't.
8:48 am
i got depressed when i was 30. but i don't. i actually -- i think it's important every year to celebrate your birthday. >> i do too. >> be excited about it. >> i do too. >> 43 and you know, great. >> jennifer, when you walked in, i thought got, you look so good. when is the baby coming? when is the baby due? that's the latest rumor. >> babies. >> twins. >> triplets, so many rumors. >> i came out here there's a tabloid story. not with you with me. gayle king and -- >> we never have one together. >> that's coming. gayle king betrays oprah. stealing millions. it's ridiculous. i buy them. i went to buy it at cbs, the guy looks at me, i go really? i go yeah, yeah, i'm buying it. could you put it in the bag quickly. my whole thing is do you ever get used to the rumors or have you gotten to the point that you don't pay attention to it? >> i'm pretty way past that. you don't purchase them.
8:49 am
don't feel guilty because i used do that too until it started to hurt my feelings too much. i'm like, this is absolute rubbish. the amount of the bizarre pregnancy rumors are ridiculous. >> you know why i think it's so. people so want you to have a baby. people so want you to be happy. but there's still a misconception that people think she's not. >> if you don't have all of that. >> i think that people -- >> very narrow minded i think. that doesn't measure the level of my happiness or success in my life or my achievements. any of that. it's just truly being comfortable and not giving a crap about what other -- what other people say. >> are you at the stage that you don't care what people think? >> people i care about and people i respect, of course. i listen. but it's important to keep listening. >> me too. >> and learning. >> this is the thing about wanderlust that i thought was so fascinating. i did watch it. i have to say, it's wild.
8:50 am
>> yes. >> it's raucous. >> raucous. >> it's fun. >> fun. >> it's jennifer like we haven't seen you before. >> we'll give it a month. >> two weeks. >> all these people live here. this is a commune. >> intentional community. we're not a bunch of hippies sitting around playing guitar. >> i love the premise where with somebody is very successful and they just decide i am going to take a break. i'm going to do something that's totally out of the box. >> we stumble upon a commune. >> it's the type of thing i wondered, have you ever thought, not about the commune part but sort of going away where nobody knows you. >> yeah. >> have you ever thought about that in the height of all of this? >> i think about that a lot. i think about i would love to not give it all up. i definitely thought, let's get up and go and live abroad for a while. hon lest i, filming this movie, that experience happened to me. the two and a half months we were shooting in clarksville, georgia, we were in the middle of nowhere.
8:51 am
i mean, it felt like -- >> was it good? >> it was amazing. a couple of weeks go by and you realize, you're not looking over your shoulder, you're not checking that weird person. no that cell -- you're part of a great community. >> you know, you can really get trapped in that web of zenith televisions and walkmans and disk mans and floppy disk and zip drives. laser disks. answering machines and nintendo power glove. >> wow, you know so much about technology. >> you're very much a couple. that's been in -- and every knows it. you've said yep, we're a couple. i'm watching that movie, jennifer and trying to figure out when did that happen? you know why? the whole time i'm looking at the movie saying justin, take a bath. then you see him in person and go hello, hello. was there a certain skooen a period of time when you realized? >> i've known him for five
8:52 am
years. i mean -- >> before the movie? >> oh, yeah, way before the movie. we were never -- never did we have those -- that was never a thing on the movie. ever. it was a long wonderful friendship. >> wasn't like there was a certain time or thing in the movie where you thought, all right? >> no. those don't always work out great anyway. >> i do want to make it clear that you're happy. >> yes. >> happier than you've ever been. >> than i've ever been. >> jennifer aniston, i wish you continued success. really, i cheer you on always. >> thanks. >> i believe her when she says she's happier than she's ever been. we were talking about friends because there's all sorts of buzz. will there be a reunion. she says don't hold your breath about that. she doesn't see that happening any time soon. i was a big "friends" fan. >> she was always good to go out on a high note. leave them wanting more. something to be said for that too. >> makes a lot of movies, doesn't she? >> she does.
8:53 am
her post tv career has been so far so good. wanderlust is in the theaters. nice interview. local news is coming up right now. we'll see you tomorrow on "cbs right now. we'll see you tomorrow on "cbs this morning."
8:54 am
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8:56 am
they are focused on remembering the man they call this hero. rob robert marchanti was serving there. saturday two soldiers were shot inside what was supposed to be one of the most secure areas of a government ministry building, family members say he was killed but the military has yet to confirm his death. >> a murder trial is set to begin in howard county for a man accused of killing a fellow patient at a mental hospital. he is accused of strangling her to death with a piece of string inside the hospital in 2010. both lived in the same wing of that mental hospital. prosecutors have said he is competent to stand trial. he faces one count of first degree murder. city police are investigating the fatal stabbing in east baltimore from over the weekend. it happened saturday night in the 400 block of north kenwood
8:57 am
where thomas adkins was found. he later died. no arrests have been made. anyone with information is asked to call the police department. a break in in baltimore county leads to gunfire. police say a man was shot when he walked in on a burglar robbing his home in west towson. the surprised crook took off running but police say they soon caught up with him. the homeowner has been released from the hospital after treatment and is expected to recover. educational leaders in maryland are expected to apply for a no child left behind waiver. according to our partner the school board is seeking the exemption to give schools more reasonable goals. they should cut their achievement achievement gaps in half. decisions are expected in the
8:58 am
spring. stacey ceebler lit up the red carpet. she walked beside her boyfriend george clooney. nominated in the the descendants, stay with us, complete,,,,,,
8:59 am
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